Zig Zags – Scavenger 7″ Celebration (02.13.12)

When you’re walking through the desert and your shoes are just about melted through by the searing heat of the Earth you can be thankful for one thing, that cigarette dangling from your mouth has ignited itself. The drag is, the moment you suck in that first soothing inhalation of chemical-laced tobacco and start to forget about your skin sizzling, some damn, sneaky ass vulture swoops in and pokes his pecker into your beer can. That brew had four good, warm sips of suds left in it. The stars have aligned all wrong but I guess that’s what this weirdo trip is all about. At least these woes make for some inspired songs. Tune into this session as Zig Zags celebrate the release of their Scavenger 7″ out now on Mexican Summer.



zig zags-scavenger – scavenger 7″ – mexican summer
stevie stiletto- i’m a pig- – smell the sock – razor records
the crippled dog band-live wire- – yoga reissue
outdoorsmen-violent hands – violent hands 7″ – total punk
chosen few- the jokes on us- joke’s on us – going underground records reissue
jeff the brotherhood-cool out – we are the champions – infinity cat records

Bobby Soxx – Scavenger of Death – Sticky Men With Ray Guns
x-aspirations – I don’t wanna go out – now! records

the red crayola – transparent radiator – the parable of arable land – get back reissue
hawkwind – psychedelic warlords disappear in smoke – hall of the mountain girl

the fall-new puritan-totale’s turn’s- base record
bob dylan-neighborhood bully-infidels-columbia
bill broonzy-baby please don’t go- 3 of a kind-pickwick
major stars-run from me devil-return to form-drag city

black bananas-hot stupid-rad times express IV- drag city
stan hubbs- joe and gina- crystal-companion records
alex chilton-walking dead-dusted in memphis-boot
big boys-complete control-where’s my towel-red c records
lyndsey buckingham – trouble – law and order – asylum

ramses-life child- space hyms-vertigo
sir lord baltimore-hard rail fallen
human eye-brain zip(kicking back in the electric chair0- sacred bones
brainbombs-ass fucking murder-urge to kill- load
wipers-can this be-youth of america-jackpot records
michael yonkers-kill the enemy-microminiature love-sub pop

augustus pablo-king of kings dub-dubbing in africa-abraham
eternal tapestry-untitled-invisible landscape-not not fun
big black cloud- blackout – stank house records