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Induce – Dancing, Thinking, Loving, Listening: Soul/Funk/Jazz (08.27.15)

With Induce’s Dancing, Thinking, Loving, Listening, his new monthly show on dublab, Induce hopes to take listeners somewhere… Read More + Listen »

C&G aug 27

DJ Lady C & DJ Egroeg – C&G Music Factory (08.27.15)

C & G Music Factory is the combined efforts of Christina Gubala and George Jensen, co-owners of cassette… Read More + Listen »

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Nanny Cantaloupe – Perplexagon: Robot Rumpus (08.27.15)

Electron beams as mentored by mountains. Interlaced triangles form indigo fountains. Hurry to bury the hurry. MIX: DOWNLOAD… Read More + Listen »


The Urxed – Crushing with… (08.27.15)

The Urxed (Robert Barber) delivers to you his own brand of monthly musical crushes, old and new, as… Read More + Listen »


Jimmy Tamborello w/guest mix by Birdy Earns – Dying Songs (08.27.15)

“Dying Songs” focuses on melancholic electronic music but isn’t limited to that. Sometimes it gets dark, sometimes I… Read More + Listen »


DJ Mamabear w/guest Randy “Hothobo” Ellis- The Honeypot (08.26.15)

The aim of The Honey Pot is to remind you of songs you forgot you loved, or better… Read More + Listen »


Heidi Lawden – Magic Roundabout (08.26.15)

Heidi’s Magic Roundabout reflects every aspect of her musical personality as she invites listeners into her world every… Read More + Listen »


Greg Belson – The Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 50 **50th ANNIVERSARY SHOW ON DUBLAB** (08.26.15)

A series of monthly radio shows hosted by Greg Belson on, dedicated to gospel soul, funk and… Read More + Listen »


Ale w/guest Gareth Dickson – Elevation Through Sound (08.26.15)

Ale plays the obscure gems your ears have always craved but never come across. “Elevation through Sound” provides… Read More + Listen »

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Terekke – Live dublab Set (08.25.15)

Once again, our man Parker had a guest in town, this time being Terekke. He came in and… Read More + Listen »


Low Limit – THANK YOU #17 (08.25.15)

Low Limit’s THANK YOU show focuses primarily on the more left-leaning mutations of house and techno, but as… Read More + Listen »


Hoseh – Version Sounds (08.25.15)

“Version Sounds is my interpretation of radio communication, my version. At its roots, the show credits reggae dub… Read More + Listen »

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