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Tiago & Gerd Janson – Things of Life (10.24.14)

What a lucky turn of events! We were fortunate enough to have both Tiago and Gerd Janson in… Read More + Listen »


Suzanne Kraft – Tonalism at Sonos DJ Set (08.16.14)

This is a DJ set by Suzanne Kraft at Tonalism. DUBLAB presented its all night annual ambient happening… Read More + Listen »

band photo

Grasshopper – Inverted Cross of Satanic Justice

Grasshoper crosses the limits of darkness to enter a new dark. Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod have logged… Read More + Listen »

holloway 1

Danny Holloway w/guest DJ Ghost – Heads Up (10.08.14)

Danny Holloway is known for brewing magic formulas of sonic sizzle and spice. For his monthly “Heads Up” show… Read More + Listen »


Mount Analogue – 閻魔 (Yama)

Mount Analogue is a French Duo that that keeps it psychedelic, dark, dance, and sinister. Anything could be… Read More + Listen »

aloa input

Aloa Input – Clouds So Far (B.Fleischmann RMX)

After months of live shows and studio work, Aloa Input allows other producer to explore and deconstruct his… Read More + Listen »


Ale w/guest Scott Craig (live) – Elevation Through Sound (10.01.14)

Ale plays the obscure gems your ears have always craved but never come across. “Elevation through Sound” provides… Read More + Listen »


Jack J – Live on dublab (10.20.14)

Back in LA for a special weekend affair, Jack J blessed us with a Vancouver-heavy Monday morning set… Read More + Listen »


Jimi Hey – Rainbow Jail: Episode 8 (10.09.14)

Jimi Hey doesn’t want to break you out of jail. He wants to put you inside colorful bars.… Read More + Listen »


Mayumikiller, Yuki Aoe, GOSAMMER – Radio Test-Run #10 From GalaxyGallery, Osaka (09.25.14)

Broadcasting from Osaka hits the 10th anniversary! This program was presented LOSER and we had a gust GOSAMMER… Read More + Listen »


Lee Robinson – Out On The Porch (09.15.14)

Lee Robinson has always liked history class. Every third Monday 2-4pm, join him on a musical exploration of… Read More + Listen »


SEANO – The Tree House w/ Keltronix (09.15.14)

Paving his way in the music scene since ’06, Seano began as an assistant teacher at the Scratch… Read More + Listen »