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Daniel Troberg – Transition (02.17.17)

Daniel Troberg lives and breathes electronic music. Started dabbling with home computers in the 80s and discovering DJing,… Read More + Listen »


1/2 OFF w/guest Teen Daze – Event Horizon (02.27.17)

Event Horizon is a monthly program with no single direction, but instead an abundance of possible outcomes. This… Read More + Listen »

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Cosmo’s Midnight and Basenji – guest Session (02.27.17)

Kicking off this past Monday, we had Cosmo’s Midnight and their good pal Basenji swing by the studio… Read More + Listen »

friendly futures

Crem’e and EMV guest hosting – Friendly Futures Radio (02.27.17)

Monday evenings, Friendly Futures Radio floats and fills the dublab skies with Los Angeles musical enthusiasm with particular… Read More + Listen »


Blankstairs – dublab session (02.27.17)

Portland / NYC’s Blankstairs dropped by the studio for a guest show on dublab. Label head, Nathaniel Young,… Read More + Listen »


ZEBULON FMR – Radio Zebulon (02.26.17)

A music venue is usually all about reception, providing a physical place where audiences can come to receive… Read More + Listen »

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Wendy Hsu – Taiwan Transonics Guest DJ Set (02.25.17)

From streets to tea parlors, music and sounds make up a transitory texture in the rich sensory tapestry… Read More + Listen »


Zøraya and Aura T-09 – The Phuture Perfect (02.25.17)

The Phuture Perfect is a monthly, electronic music transmission focused on the LA underground and rooted in Detroit… Read More + Listen »

El Tigre Soundsystem feat_ Chico Sonido (Freak City, Mexico City_LA)

FROM THE VAULTS: Chico Sonido – Mexican Psych & Beats Mix (08.15.06)

In the summer of ’06, Chico Sonido came through the dublab studio for a crucial live mix of… Read More + Listen »


space orbit presents NEIGHBORS RADIO vol.5 Modular Cafe Phase12 1st Anniversary supported by (11.23.16)’s broadcast from 11/23 was an 1 year anniversary of “Modular Cafe” aired from Sangen-jaya Space Orbit. Modular… Read More + Listen »


Mamabear – The Honey Pot (02.24.17)

The aim of The Honey Pot is to remind you of songs you forgot you loved, or better… Read More + Listen »


Morpho – Graph Paper (02.24.17)

Morpho hosts Graph Paper which is a monthly diagram of echoes and sounds, culled from ancient texts and… Read More + Listen »

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