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Hymnal, Jason McGuiness & Mix Master Wolf – Psychedelic Stax (09.19.14)

Are you ready for an exploration of soul and psychedelic hippy music? Strap on your kaleidoscopic goggles, light… Read More + Listen »


Greg Belson – 45s of Fury: Original Soundtrack Edition (09.24.14)

Greg Belson hosts this monthly excursion into rare soul, raw funk and other wild madness from the 1960-70′s.… Read More + Listen »


Greg Belson – Divine Chord Gospel Show: pt. 39 (09.24.14)

A series of monthly radio shows hosted by Greg Belson on, dedicated to gospel soul, funk and… Read More + Listen »

mike harding

Mike from Touch w/guest Michael Esposito – Mike Harding Meets… (09.22.14)

In the first of a new series for dublab, Mike Harding “meets the artist…” This week he talks… Read More + Listen »


Matthewdavid – Mindflight Meditations (09.24.14)

Matthewdavid hosts his weekly, live show on dublab for the Aquarians, featuring lost tapes and live improvisations. MIX:… Read More + Listen »

Tom Chasteen

Tom Chasteen – Meditation of Sound (09.24.14)

This show brings you the word sound of power of the many manifestations of Reggae music from the… Read More + Listen »

djs pareja

Ale w/guest DJs Pareja – Elevation Through Sound (09.24.14)

Ale plays the obscure gems your ears have always craved but never come across. “Elevation through Sound” provides… Read More + Listen »


Cosmic D’Alessandro – Latitudes (09.15.14)

Cosmic D’Alessandro (aka Summer Recreation Camp) uses the pulsing pirate signal of his spaceship to share his favorite… Read More + Listen »


SEANO – The Tree House (08.18.14)

Paving his way in the music scene since ’06, Seano began as an assistant teacher at the Scratch… Read More + Listen »


Fol Chen – Live Sprout Session (05.21.13)

This is not the first time Fol Chen materializes in the dublab studio, their last visit left us… Read More + Listen »

chancha via circuito

Chancha Via Circuito – Jardines ft. Lido Pimienta

Chancha Via Circuito‘s albums have been released in Argentina, the U.S., Europe and Japan. In their music is… Read More + Listen »

dublab _future roots for free_ mp3

Helado Negro – I Krill You

Helado Negro’s new album “Double Youth” is a ten-track collection of electronic mid-tempo sounds swirled with synth-looped beats… Read More + Listen »