Zen Sekizawa – The Color of Punk (10.30.17)

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Zen Sekizawa played original 45’s from The Atomic Cafe jukebox and talked to Troy Cafe Owner, Sean Carillo, about Los Angeles’ diverse punk scene during the late 70’s – mid 80’s.



Too Much Junk – The Alley Cats
Adolescent – The Plugz
Babylonian Gorgon – The Bags
U-butsu Boogie – Down Town Boogie Band
El-Lay – Los Illegals
Mindless Contentment – The Plugz
Don´t Push Me Around – The Zeros
Identity – X-Ray Spex
At Plaza De La Raza – The Brat
Missing Words – The Selecter
People Like You – Nervous Gender
It Only Hurts The First Time – The Alley Cats
We Don’t Need the English – The Bags
The Stains – Young Nazis
Steel Leg Haily Unlikely – The Electric Dread Namida No Highway – Sheena & The Rokkets T.V. in My Eye – Los Microwaves
Kienai Omoi – The Mops
Monsters – Nervous Gender
Survive – The Bags
Wimp – The Zeros
Going Nowhere Fast – The Zeros
Germfree Adolescents – X-Ray Spex
Give Me A Little Pain – The Alley Cats
Go Wild in the Country – Bow Wow Wow
La Bamba – The Plugz
We Will Bury You – The Bags
Achin’ – The Plugz