Tropic of Cancer Perform “Court of Devotion” in Room 205

In their second installment of Room 205, Tropic of Cancer and director Luis Farfan contemplate the darker side of devotion. Los Angeles based artist Camella Lobo has been quietly releasing music under the moniker, Tropic Of Cancer, since 2009. Drenched in romanticism and soaked in themes of solitude, mortality and love, her music forms a strangely hypnotic connection with its listener. Lobo’s majestic vocals, warmly cradled by waves of ascending synths, plangent guitar, and foreboding beats, summon the listener into a world of dark decadence and delicate beauty. Tropic Of Cancer’s post-punk meets shoegaze output brings to mind a culmination of influences, ranging from Julee Cruise to Joy Division, yet asserts its own obscure sound that’s nearly impossible to classify. Formerly a duo with minimal electronic artist, Silent Servant, Lobo has enlisted the assistance of Taylor Burch to help execute her music in a live setting.

For this stark, spellbinding episode, director Luis Farfan initially aimed to create an ode to 60s New Wave French cinema. To do so, he worked closely with director of photography Conor Simpson, set designer Tamarra Younis, editor Forrest Borie, sound engineer Jon Gilbert and producer Arlie Carstens. Along the way however, through aural osmosis or some other divine alchemy, they beautifully captured the band’s mesmerizing live performance while simultaneously crafting a world of abstract symbols, ambient sounds and cinematic contrasts that are entirely elegant and arresting in their own right. From Chabrol and Godard to Julee Cruise and Joy Division, this is assuredly the most heady episode of Room 205 yet.