This is a selection of music Sylvester Anfang II was listening to, during our roadtrip in Europe.
It’s a souvenir of 7 guys trapped in a bus talking nonsense for two weeks, but at the same time sharing each other some of our favorite tracks.

Tracks and nonsense coming from:
Bart, Bram, Ernesto Glen, Niels, Tommy, Willem

African Challenge – Zoot Simms

Helelyos – Zia

Speed – Ron Wray Light Show

Coloured – The Deep

Drug song – Dave Bixsby

Marriane – The Jacks

I’m all right – Bo Diddley

Up around the bend – Creedence Cleerwater Revival

Love will find a way III – The Electronic Hole

Waiting around to die – Townes van zandt

Black tears – The Witch

Addis a Beba – Willie Williams

Soul Raga – Mehrpouya

Loyalty – Marconi Notaro

Disco 3000 – Sun Ra