“INTO INFINITY” EAR REMIXES ROUND 1: Anthony Valadez, dakim, Dntel, EMV, Giorgio Magnanensi, Jonwayne, & Take aka Sweatson Klank

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dublab & Creative Commons invite you to explore the wide possibilities of forever through INTO INFINITY. This art… Read More + Listen »

      Anthony Valadez - Dreams Get Better in the Future mix

Pete Concrete – Report From The Inside: Eat Concrete Exclusive Mix for dublab (05.13.11)

Our good friend Pete Concrete made this exclusive mix for dublab back in May with incredible selections from… Read More + Listen »


Take “Face the firing Squad” – DUBLAB “FIELD REPORTS” THAILAND

Take sourced sounds from frosty’s “Fly Thai High” mix to made a remix that will take aim at… Read More + Listen »

      Take - Face the firing Squad

Hoseh – Headspace Homies’ Hits

Headspace first broadcast on April 15, 1994. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of hosting a… Read More + Listen »

      Hoseh - Headspace Homies' Hits (11.01.09)

Take “Only Mountain” Tour

Take is on a mission to make music that moves minds and bodies. His new album “Only Mountain”… Read More + Listen »


TAKE – Begin End Begin

Take is a man who truly puts his heart into every note. He crafts his music to be… Read More + Listen »

      TAKE - Begin End Begin

Take – LIVE Thursday Transmission (04.07.05)


DOWNLOAD SESSION Secret Formula. dublab.com/take

      Take - LIVE Thursday Transmission (04.07.05)