New Age Rising – a collective illumination compiled by Frosty

New Age music is a genre simultaneously embraced and shunned. Beyond the schlock masquerading as enlightened listening exists… Read More + Listen »


Forevermore Transcending: The Ashram Albums of Alice “Swamini Turiyasangitananda” Coltrane

This is an exploration of Alice ‘Swamini Turiyasangitananda’ Coltrane’s devotional music, specifically the four albums she self-released through… Read More + Listen »

      Forevermore Transcending: The Ashram Albums of Alice 'Swamini Turiyasangitananda' Coltrane

Quanta – Long Kelp Dream

Quanta (aka Summer Recreation Camp) is the sonic adventures of Barcelona native, and currently Turku resident, Cristian Subirà. Long Kelp… Read More + Listen »


matthewdavid – “Leaving Records” (02.22.12)

Matthewdavid hosts his weekly, live show on dublab as a means of reaching through your computer speakers to… Read More + Listen »


Nightchilde (Slow Motion) – “Mount Analog” (02.24.12)

Mahssa, your lovely host of the weekly “Mount Analog” program on dublab, is currently touring Europe with the… Read More + Listen »


Douglas McGowan – The New Age Mafia Massacre (06.02.09)

DOWNLOAD SESSION Joanna Brouk – Healing Music (excerpt) – Healing Music – Hummingbird Peter Davison – Morning Meditation… Read More + Listen »

      Douglas McGowan - The New Age Mafia Massacre (06.02.09)