dublab.es – Two Decades of Emotional Strategies: Avant-Garde, Industrial & Electronic Music in Spain

MIX: DOWNLOAD MIX: DOWNLOAD TWO DECADES OF EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES Text by Víctor Nubla The album presentation of Abstracte,… Read More + Listen »

      20 Years of Avant-Garde, Industrial & Electronic Music in Spain Pt. 1

R.I.P. Walter DeMaria (1935-2013)

This week we mourn the loss of the visionary artist Walter DeMaria. Best-known as the creator of The… Read More + Listen »



  “New favorites from Grimes, SFV Acid, and Orcas. Old favorites from David Borden and Porter Ricks. A… Read More + Listen »


SP3LL – DISLOCATION (01.17.12)

“Dislocation is intended to be a shared exploration of sounds ranging from collective improvisation, early electronic experimentation, musique… Read More + Listen »


Lucky Dragons – passed phew chair (11.12.10)

Lucky Dragons dipped their pocket watches into wax because they know time is a construct of anxious society.… Read More + Listen »


Dave Muller – a lush landscape (06.02.11)

Dave Muller is an exceptional example of what a trigger happy biographer may dub a Rennaisance Man. Though… Read More + Listen »


Lucky Dragons – turning on tomorrow two ears at a time (05.10.11)


Our friends Lucky Dragons are a deep well of inspiration. Even on the dustiest of down and out… Read More + Listen »