Suzanne Kraft & Soft Soil – “2Daddies Radio” (03.23.12)

2Daddies Radio is a weekly excursion hosted by Suzanne Kraft and Soft Soil Music Club. Each show’s style differs every week based on special guests and the hosts moods but is always a treat. Questions may be directed HERE.




Sylvester – I Need Somebody To Love Tonight – Stars

The Police – Voices Inside My Head – Zenyatta Mondatta

Lillo Thomas – I’m In Love (Luv Dub)

Mim Suleiman – Maji – Tungi

Jago – I’m Going To Go (Frankie Knuckles remix)

La Bionda – I Wanna Be Your Lover – I Wanna Be Your Lover

“King Tubby” – Psyche Out – Acid Tablets vol. 1

J-Disko – Seduction

Front 242 – Sample D – Endless Riddance

The Blue Nile – Tinsel Town In The Rain

Linda di Franco – T.V. Scene

Masayoshi Takanaka – Struttin’ On Broadway – Traumatic

Alessi Brothers – Seabird – s/t

Blue Nouveaux – Obscurity – Darkness In Me

Wally Badarou – Mt. Fuji and The Mime – Words of A Mountain

Blue Nouveaux – Spidergirl – Darkness In Me

The Honeymoon Killers – Decollage – It’s A Crammed, Crammed, Crammed World!

Suns of Arqa – Ananta Snake Dance – The INDIPop CompilASIAN Album

T. Rubio – Bass In Action #2

Isabelle Antena – Naughty Naughty – Hoping For Love

Kit Watkins – Siam (You’ve Got To Be Kidding) – Frames of Mind

Begin 3

Eddie C – Tunnel Mountain – All I Want

Mim Suleiman – Mingi – Tungi

Soft Rocks – Spank

Pat Metheny Group – Barcarole

Alice Coltrane & Santana – Angel Of Air

Karate Moves – In The Wind

The Earons – Land Of Hunger (Dub) @33