Sun Araw w/guest Josh Da Costa – Second System Vision Radio “DA COSTA NATION” (04.15.16)


Second System Vision Radio is part of a large-scale project by a completely fictitious made-up hokem organization called the NEW VISION INITIATIVE investigating “nascent digital vision” which is the very simple idea that when you see a new thing you have just a fraction-glint-hair-sliver of moment before it gets reduced to an old thing, and so there’s a infinitesimal chance that if your hands are on the proper levers a real lightning bolt of a “re-cognition” could land you on an unfamiliar tarmac. And then you can ask it questions. The idea started with tiny, obscure digital photographs from an old cellphone, but now it also includes videos and radio shows, and this part is the radio show part. Frequently there are trusted guests who come and squint and try to “re-cognize” the new things, because it’s fun in a group!

      Sun Araw w/guest Josh Da Costa - Second System Vision Radio (04.15.16)


“Metro Police” – Vladimir Cosma – Diva OST
“Menko” – Menko Konings – Contactdisc
“Mutant Wisdom“ – Richard Bone – The Beat Is Elite
“Sun Control” – Chrome – The Visitation
“Love, Don’t Talk to Strangers” – The Fallen Angels – The Fallen Angels
“Karma Sutra” – The Monochrome Set – Love Zombies
“Near Legendary Blind Eye” – Cobalt Blue Fox – Out of the Unknown
“You Never Know” – The Lo Yo Yo – Extra Weapons
“See Red” – Frida – Something’s Going On
“Void Vision” – Cyber People – Void Vision
“Dans Les Villes Detruites” – Francois Faton Cahen – Enneade
“An Antenna” – Heat Scale – Sunsetz
“Nana” – Tony Esposito – Tony Esposito
“Weird Gear” – Ultramarine – Every Man and Woman is a Star
“My Frames” – Amin Peck – Essential Tracks
“After Dark” – Eric Hine – Not Fade Away
“Specimen” – Noel and the Red Wedge – Peer Pressure
“Nowhere to Run” – Just Deluxe – Skin Talk
“Ink Man” – Kevin Harrison – Cosmic Disco? Cosmic Rock!!!
“Roundandaround” – Sprung Aus Den Wolken – Roundandaround
“Hollow Promises” – Smersh – The Beat from 20,000 Fathoms
“Aller Simple” – Vitor Hublot – Aller Simple
“Paris All Night Lovers“ – Zox – City of SIlence
“XXXO” – Equip – XXXO
“One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing” – A.C. Marias – One of Our Girls
“She Cuts Me” – Animal Grace – First Cut: The Oxford Sound
“Love Amongst the Buildings” – Negatives in Colour – One Giant Leap
“Zoo” – Abraxas – Box
“Moving to Midnight” – Steve Zucker – First Cut: The Oxford Sound