Sun Araw – Second System Vision Radio “GHOSTSHIPS & GEOPHONICS” w guest CHRISTOPHER FARSTAD (03.16.18)

“A project of the NEW VISION INITIATIVE, a monthly stakeout involving a complex filtration system including but not limited to tunes, talks, texts, and video.” – Sun Araw



      Sun Araw – Second System Vision Radio GHOSTSHIPS & GEOPHONICS w guest CHRISTOPHER FARSTAD


Sea Organ “Stirring and Snoozing” – Wonderfulsound

The Long String Instrument “Langzaam” – Ellen Fullman

“Yulia and Olaf” – Nils Larsen

Australian Sound Sculptures “Kirribilli Wharf, Sydney 1976” – Bill Fontana

“And the Wind Sang” – Nick Penny

Australian Sound Sculptures “Acoustical Views, Sydney, 1988” – Bill Fontana

Chants of Frozen Lakes “Chants of Frozen Lakes” – Marc Namblard

Branches “Branches” – John Cage, Performed by Robyn Schulkowsky, Royal Albert Hall, August 17, 2012

Earth Sounds “Surging Ocean Swell” – Gordon Hampton

Ghostships of the Great Lakes “Khao Nan National Park” – Galaxy Express 555

Earth Sounds “Wind Spirits” – Gordon Hempton

Ghostships of the Great Lakes “A Trip Down the River Seine” – Galaxy Express 555

2 Many Axes “Buried There” – Many Axes

Ghostships of the Great Lakes, “The Path to Skandashram Cave” – Galaxy Express 555

Sonambient Complete Collection “Energizing” – Harry Bertoia

Init Ding “Dokumint” – Microstoria

The Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv “The Mwirugavu Yalyaki Nkwanzi Group: Ensemble for Panpipes and Xylophone”

Music for Merce “Inlets” – John Cage, Paeder Mercier, Mel Mercier, John David Fulleman

Ghostships of the Great Lakes “S(oil) and Water” – Galaxy Express 555

Gordon Hampton “Surging Ocean Swell”

Highlights of Vortex “Rhythm Study #8” / “Chan” – Henry Jacobs

“Kelso Dunes” –

The Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv “Vessel Flute Music, Played by Two Luba Musicians”

Tuvan Throat Singing Virtuosos “Khomus Melodies Anchimaa Sonat” – Horekteer

Human Music “BOA” – Jon Appleton & Don Cherry

Music from Alejo “Afternoon of Fish Appear” – Masahiro Sugaya

Gateway Summer Sound: Abstracted Animal and Other Sounds “Gateway Summer Sound” / “Amber ’75” – Ann McMillan

The Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv “Music for the Lela Celebration – Four Flutes and Singing”

The Complete Gamelan in the New World “Gamelan II” – Gamelan Son of Lion

Folk Music of Norway “Cattle Calls – Helene Tronsmo and Ingeborg Jordet” – Folk Music of Norway

Lappish Joik Songs from Northern Norway “Ellen Klemet Buljo” – Inga Kemi and Ašlak Bals

Thai Elephant Orchestra “Thung Kwian Sunrise” – David Soldier & Richard Lair

Thai Elephant Orchestra “Luuk Kob’s Diddley Bow Feature” – David Soldier & Richard Lair

Ongakushitsu “Wafting” – Aki Tsuyuko

Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest “Honey Gathering Song” – Mbuti Pygmies

Ionosphere “High Altitude Sounds Recorded at Various Speeds” – Ionosphere

Playing Music with Animals: Interspecies Communication “Music to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner By (3 Flute Players and 300 Turkeys)” – Jim Nollman

Ghostships of the Great Lakes “On the Edge of the Bog” – Galaxy Express 555

“Interludio” – AOI

“Adi Tala Konnakkol Solo” – Padmashri Dr. T. K. Murthy

“Patterns in Cooperative Labor” – Wild Card

Earth Sounds “Receding Tide Reveals Creek” – Gordon Hampton

“Mridangam Solo” – Palani Subramaniam Pillai

“Piano Synt” – Futuro Antico

Field Recordings from the Upper Midwest “Hayfoot, Strawfoot” – Adolphus Delmas