Ssaliva – Night Landing (Sagat remix)


You wake up from your dream with a start and now you’re sitting in the pitch black dark. What’s that swishing around in your mouth? It tastes of memories long forgotten. You suck your teeth and reach for the light but it’s not there. You close your eyes again and realize it was even darker with them open. You can feel your heart beating and then it happens…the entire world flashes with something brighter that light. They are patterns of your memories in rapid motion. Your being is encompassed in a kaleidescope of particles from your past swirled into symbols of your destiny. You can almost make out the shapes but then ZAP you open your eyes and all is dark again. You are always only dreaming.

If this remix of Ssaliva by Sagat shook your subconscious then we highly urge you to pick up the “RZA” EP from Ssaliva, available next week on Vlek. They will also be releasing a 7″ and a 10″ from Sagat later this year.