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Ghost Writer (Digital Download)

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Product Description

Ghost Writer is a compilation of original music presented under cover. For this special collection we asked a group of incredible musicians to fly incognito, unleashing rare gems and exploring unexpected genres. All of the names unveiled are aliases. Can you guess who’s who?


01. ? – Febreezy
02. Dead Hair – alkmt
03. Electro Jazz Man – Thru the Doorz of Perception
04. gee&kee – Cornucopia Dreams
05. J. Banks – Brain Cloud
06. Pandaisia – Me, Myself and Nature
07. Utriusque Cosmi and Aural Material – Téchne
08. JEBEDiah – Across the Great Dimensional Divide
09. Keeg Strayholder – The Introduction of a Poetic Mistake
10. Republikunts – Spies
11. Sticks and Marvin – Applebee’s
12. Smoke City L.A. – The Other Side
13. Ryan Knight and Robin Hannibal feat. Christie Z – Hot As Love