Ryan Weinstein – guest session (10.30.17)

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Ryan Weinstein (of The Cairo Gang, etc..) is a musician and a former Chicagoan/Miamian living in Los Angeles. He’s been playing records for a long time. Still trying to find the bridge that connects Barbara Lynn to The Soft Machine to Duke Ellington. His show is a mixed back of whatever records he’s into at the time. He hopes you are, too.



The Moontrekkers “Night Of The Vampire”
Timothy Mcnealy “Sagittarius Black”
Noh Mercy “Revolutionary Spy”
Bo Diddley “Bo’s Bounce”
Trio “Sunday You Need Love – Monday Be Alone”
Les Baxter “Hot Wind”
Howard Tate “Plenty Of Love”
Plastics “Top Secret Man”
Bruce Haak “Incantation”
The Phantom “Love Me”
Chico Hamilton “Conquistadores”
Buffy Sainte-Marie “Sweet September Morning”
Jan Hammer “Don’t You Know”
Slapp Happy “The Drum”
Erlon Chavez e Sua Banda Veneno “Long Train Running”
Gong “You Can’t Kill Me”
Sly And The Family Stone “Loose Booty”
Tyrannosauraus Rex “Scenescof”
Tones on Tail “Twist”
Deodato “Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)”
Mechanical Servants “Study Up!”
Roky Erikson and The Aliens “Mine Mine Mind”
Phil Cohran and The Artistic Heritage Ensemble “unity”
Units “High Pressure Days”
Silver Apples “I’ve Known Love”
Larry Coryell “Beautiful Woman”
Little Sister “You’re The One (Part 1)”
Cosmic Rays “Dreaming”
Tuxedomoon “No Tears”
The Ventures “Fear (Main Title from One Step Beyond”)
Sonic Youth “Shadow Of A Doubt”
Hot Rocks “Chopper”
Funkadelic “I’ve Got A Thing, You’ve Got A Thing, Everbody’s Got A Thing”
NRBQ “Rocket Number 9”
Pink Fairies “Chambermaid”
Pere Ubu “Heaven”
Les Rita Mitsouko “Someone To Love”
Ryhthm Rebellion “Universal Rhythm”
Frank Zappa “Peaches En Regalia”
The Slits “Man Next Door”
Nervous Norvus “Transfusion”