Olivia Wyatt – Sailing a Sinking Sea and Other Sonic Visions (03.10.15)


Many of Olivia Wyatt’s films heat-seek their way into your eyes riding on stunning music waves. This union of sound and vision makes her one of our favorite filmmakers.

For this special radio program, Olivia tapped into the dublab airwaves to talk about, and share music from her newest film, Sailing A Sinking Sea, a feature-length experimental documentary exploring the culture of the Moken people of Myanmar and Thailand.

      Olivia Wyatt - Sailing a Sinking Sea and Other Sonic Visions


Almost every single Moken survived the Tsunami of 2004, thanks to premonitions from their shamans and ancestral wisdom gained from generations of living intimately with the sea.

Numbering less than 3,000 they are the nomads scattered throughout the Andaman Sea and the Mergui Archipelago of Thailand and Myanmar.

Living symbiotically with the sea they have a relationship seamlessly integrated with one of the most powerful forces in nature that it has manifested in living myths.

In the wake of the tsunami, the Moken have come under unprecedented pressure to assimilate into the mainstream and the mainland.

This culture is evaporating and along with it their vast wisdom of the sea. The Moken, are a sea-faring nomadic group living upon the Andaman Sea spanning from Indonesia to Myanmar.

This feature-length film explores their mythology, language, and relationship with the sea.