Nobody – “Richard Thryce” (HIT+RUN ROAD KILL Vol. 2)

Our friends at HIT+RUN are dublab’s creative cousins. We shared the same crib from birth and now that we’re freaky teens running through the streets with highly inspired energy rushing through our veins we continue to collab and blast the world with bright waves. Many folks know HIT+RUN mainly as a globe-trotting, screen printing CREW who splash their original designs on t-shirts, intimate garments and occasionally alien surface samples. Those who really know HIT+RUN are also hip to the fact that they run deep with talented music makers around the world. They have continued their compilation CD series with the freshly released ROAD KILL Vol. 2. We urge you to pick up this wide collection of 26 tunes from HIT+RUN’s global music family. It’s available in their web store and via their Bandcamp page. On this taste of ROAD KILL Vol. 2 Nobody flips the soft psych sounds of Richard Twice into a new form that slaps ears into a sensual state. It’s soft and hard wrapped into one and is a perfect preview of this compilation.