Nite Jewel – live dublab solo “Sprout Session” (10.04.12)

Ramona Gonzalez, otherwise known as the synthesizer crowned siren Nite Jewel, returned to the dublab studio for a live set in solo form. This “Sprout Session” features new music performed by Ramona in a straight ahead blast of beauty. This is pure pop in magic form, elegantly constructed with the pleasure of your ears in mind. Nite Jewel never ceases to share genuine greatness whether in the form of the recent album One Second of Love or via live performances such as the one here. Please enjoy this thoughtfully crafted soul transmission and keep your ears on the future for further love soon.


The still image above is taken from Nite Jewel & Julia Holter’s collaborative film from dublab’s forthcoming Light from Los Angeles film and music project.