Nanny Cantaloupe – Glossolalia 15th anniversary special thing (09.25.14)

Glossolalia 15th Anni

So aside from my time here at dublab, I’ve also had a weekly live radio show in Los Angeles on KXLU 88.9 FM called Glossolalia, for 15 years now. Coincidentally it began in the same month as ublab started up in 1999. It seems fitting to do something special seeing that we’re sharing the anniversary, so here’s a collection of exclusive, mostly improvised performances recorded live on Glossolalia over the years. – Nanny Cantaloupe



Alessandro Cortini – Live on Glossolalia 08.29.12
Album Leaf – Live on Glossolalia 06.18.14
Joseph Hammer – Live on Glossolalia 02.14.01
Daedelus and Joseph Hammer – Live on Glossolalia 10.11.09
Dinosaurs With Horns – Live on Glossolalia 11.03.00
Tom Boram – Live on Glossolalia 02.22.12
M. Geddes Gengras – Live on Glossolalia 01.09.13
Points Of Friction – Live on Glossolalia 10.20.06
Kitten Sparkles – Live on Glossolalia 4.15.01
Sun Araw – Live on Glossolalia 10.09.13
Space Machine, Damion Romero & Mitchell Brown – Live 10.13.04
Golden Hits – Live on Glossolalia 06.10.09
Izapa – Live on Glossolalia 09.24.14
Carl Stone – Live on Glossolalia 03.22.06
Alessandro Cortini – Live on Glossolalia 03.20.13

On November 13th 2013 White Rainbow (Adam Forkner) performed live on Glossolalia (Nanny Cantaloupe’s KXLU show). Because the set was so diverse and stellar, editing it down for the radio show’s 15th Anniversary compilation CD and dublab mix proved to be impossible. So here it is in it’s entirety.



White Rainbow KXLU 11.13.13