McAllister and Kyle Art Threat – Please and Thank you (12.03.17)


This show is a first date of a mixtape brought to you by two kindred spirits, a selection of new and old sounds brought together for your listening enjoyment. We hope you appreciate our awkward attempts to impress each other, two music nerds competing to curate a monthly blend of sounds for all the world to hear. From folk songs to post punk and everything in between, love is in the airwaves.

      McAllister and Kyle Art Threat – Please and Thank you (12.03.17)


Lee Hazlewood- I Guess Its Love
The Sensations- Get On Up Mama
Cozy Powell – The Man in Black
Iris- Opus 340
Rhythm Machine- Put a Smile on Time
Lucio Battisti- Ancora Tu
Four Tet- Love Cry
Raw Geronimo- Lose My Mind
Pink Mountaintops- New Drug Queens
Goat – Disco Fever
Hinds – Garden
Friends – I’m His Girl
Billie Davis & The Leroys – Whatcha’ Gonna Do
Peak Twins – Needles & Pins
Frankie Cosmos – Young
Dream Wife- Hey Heartbreaker
Le Jazz Hot -Planet Rock
I am the World Trade Center- Teddy Break Beat
Alan Vega- Ghost Rider
Long Fin Killie- Kitten Heels
Tricky- Makes Me Want to Die
Hood- They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here
The Relict- Sweeten Your Eyes
Vincent Raphael- Seul Depuis Mille Ans

jennylee- boomboom
Kyra – It’s a Stick-Up
Rhythm King and Her Friends – Pants
The Feminine Complex – Hide and Seek
Molly Nilsson – Whiskey Sour
Anton Garcia Abril / Edda Dell’Orso – 4…3…2…1… Morte
Pens- You Only Like Me When I Tell That I am Wrong