Maxwell Williams – Scentless Apprentice ep. 4 “On The Scent” (08.07.18)

Scentless Apprentice
4-part radio show, broadcasting live on Tuesdays.
With Maxwell Williams

4th show: On the Scent
Some smells are worthy of pursuit. These are stories about the thrill of the hunt.
With special guests: Patrick Lillis (Coronation Ambergris), Mandy Aftel (Aftelier/Aftel Archive of Curious Scents), Denyse Beaulieu (Perfume Expert/Author, The Perfume Lover: A Personal History of Scent), Luca Turin (Biophysicist/Co-Author with Tania Sanchez, Perfumes: The Guide 2018), Luís Negrão (Marine Biologist/Mediamatic)
Scented bops: Scala “Perfume of Love”; serpentwithfeet “waft”; Nao “Feels Like”; Nigga Mikey “Perfume”; RAH Band “Perfumed Garden”

Scentless Apprentice is a bricolage radio program featuring a concoction of interviews, true stories, tall tales, and cultural oddities explored through the lens of scent. Each episode explores the world of perfumery and other nasal-centric concerns through a single topic. Host Maxwell Williams will be broadcasting live every Tuesday night at Mediamatic’s sunny Panorama Studio, for the first aromatic radio show, anywhere, ever.

In partnership with The Institute for Art and Olfaction, Mediamatic and dublab.
Sponsored by IFF, Pochpac

      Maxwell Williams – Scentless Apprentice Ep.4 On The Scent (08.07.18)