Mark Van Hoen – Channel of Light (04.19.16)

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From his start in the first wave of ‘IDM’ electronic in the early 90’s on seminal label R&S, Mark Van Hoen has released a diverse catalog of music. Ranging from his own unique brand of moody electronics as Locust, through the more indie electro pop of Scala to the Spacerock of Black Hearted Brother, Mark has time and again wielded his sonic arsenal to great effect. Over the years, he has also cropped up in various places as a DJ & radio host…so it seems his show on Dublab is a date with destiny! His show Channel of Light will guide you on a marvelous sonic journey.

      Mark Van Hoen - Channel of Light (04.19.16)


Anna von Hausswolff – The Miraculous – The Miraculous
Franco Falsini – Cold Nose, Pt. 2 – Cold Nose
Jean-Michel Jarre – Equinoxe, Pt. 6 -Equinoxe
Kid606- My Kitten Went to London – GQ On the EQ
Roberto Laneri – Gloomiest Sunday – Memorie Dal Sottosuolo – EP
Ras G – Nah Test – Down to Earth, Vol. 2 (The Standard Bap Edition)
Emeralds – Passing Away – Emeralds
Robert Hampson – Antarctica Ends Here -Répercussions
Bee Mask – …So That We Each Wander Through a True Elysium – Elegy for Beach Friday
Mary Lattimore – Jimmy V – At the Dam
Simon12345 & The Lazer twins – Root – Cheveux Propres, Cheveux Gras – EP
Nicola Ratti – W12 – Pressure Loss
Fennesz – Mahler Remix 1 (Live) – Mahler Remix
Wakinyan – Uzume – Copal Flow
Suicide – Rocket Usa – Suicide
The Beta Band – The House Song – The Three E.P.’s
Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan – Paranoid