Maria Minerva – Estonian Air (05.15.17)

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Monthly excuse to play my favorite music and interview my favorite people.



Grace Jones – Feel Up
Tatyana Anciferova — Leto bez tebia kak zima
Molima – Thinking Bout U
Leisure Connection – Jungle Dancing
Neo – Pointy Birds
Jhalib feat Sheila Chandra – Mysteries of the East (Mecca 88 Mix)
Jlin ft. William Basinski – Holy Child
Kohinoorgasm – HH HMT
Last Faith studio – O+O Pekler
Spellling – Interior World
Kohinoorgasm – Call for Peace
Jeepneys – Waveswings
Earthbound – Protection Spell
Las Sucias – Lavate se culo!
Ah Mer Ah Su – The Rain
VVD Wndws – Abuse of time
Cherushii & Maria Minerva – Thin Line (David Last Remix)
Cherushii – Unreleased track (Live at Bossa Nova Civic Club)
Nackt – Let’s Go Shopping
Octo Octa – On Your Lips
Robert Miles – Freedom (Frankie Knuckles Directorʻs Cut Dub)
Auscultation – Black Window