Mad Professor – Interviewed by Tom Chasteen of Dub Club (11.13.13)


Dub Club visionary Tom Chasteen invited the legendary Mad Professor into the dublab studio to share insight into his creative process and tales of his illustrious history blazing echo trails. Arguably the most famous producer in dub’s second wave, Mad Professor is a consummate experimentalist known to melt songs into genius deconstructions unrecognizable from their original forms. He is also a fiercely independent creator who has been releasing albums on his own Ariwa label for over three decades. When he’s not brewing wild formulas in his UK studio bearing the same Ariwa name, Mad Professor tours the world performing live multi-track dub mixes heavy enough to shake the roofs off any village. Thanks to Tom Chasteen for bringing Mad Professor into the dublab studio. We hope you enjoy their highly inspiring session of sound and conversation.

      Mad Professor - Interviewed by Tom Chasteen of Dub Club (11.13.13)

* Click here for a special message to the dublab audience from Mad Professor.