Lo Phi – Seasinfluence Sounds (05.17.12)

Lo Phi has created a gift for your mind. He understands that your neurons want to fire into bright blazes lighting up the purple night sky. They are shouting to the universe, “yes, we’re here and we’re smashing the so called limits of brain capacity. We’re using it all at once, hopscotching and crackling like trillion legged lightning storms. Let’s exist in the past and future at once and know that at any moment we’re balanced right in between, smiling at how lucky we are to spend our time spinning on this watery marble. Well for this life at least. Next time we’ll be a bit of stardust floating silently through the deeply draped darkness of space.



Connie – Eddie Henderson
01 – Lo Phi
Dreams- Freshman Four
02 – Lo Phi
You Are My Starship – Norman Conners
03 – Lo Phi
Broken Mirror –
Water – A.B.T.
Thrust – JayLotus
A Million Babies – Owusu & Hannibal
Deliverance – Osiris-1
Untitled – Maintain & Lo Phi
8pt Agenda – The Herbaliser Feat Latryx
Humanity is Coming – The KONE
1 for J – Butcher Bear
awwyeah – soundfounder
Whirlpool – Kinder
Sounds – sirfroderick
Disco – Eversive
Wall to Wall – Rose Brothers
Girl I Know – Corduroi
Morning Light – Stephen Farris
Serious Isht – Lo Phi
Black Water – Timber Timbre
Stellar Stare – Insightful
Fiends Theme – DAKIM

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