Laraaji – Live dublab “Sprout Session” (11.14.13)


Laraaji is a true life enhancer. His solo sound offerings and those alongside collaborators such as Brian Eno have been a great inspiration to us at dublab. Laraaji’s decades long celestial sonic flow experiments have recently been seeing new light with several reissued albums from All Saints Records, a collaboration with Blues Control for the RVNG Intl. Frkwys series, and an appearance on Light in the Attic and Ethereal Sequence’s epic New Age survey I Am the Center. We’re thrilled that so many ears have been freshly discovering his music.

With the intention of turning on more ears to Laraaji’s music we collaborated with our friends Cinespia, to proudly present an intimate concert and Laughter Meditation Playshop with this New Age pioneer at Cinefamily. See some photos here. During his visit we were blessed to have Laraaji and his partner Arji graced the dublab studio for a live “Sprout Session.” Their offering was a pure expression of joyous sound waves that we are honored to share with you now.

      Laraaji - Live dublab Sprout Session (11.14.13)

      Laraaji & Arji Interview