Kitten Sparkles’ – Glitter Box (06.16.18)

Kitten Sparkles’ Glitter Box! A new radio show featuring Junkshop Glam, Bubbleglam, Bubblegum and Glambient sound collage w/ your hosts, DJs KITTEN SPARKLES (Don Bolles) and NAUGHTY NO-NO (Noah Wallace)! Besides all the great (and often super rare) 7″ vinyl 45s, the Glitter Box will also feature interviews with various luminaries from the 70s Glam explosion, and some of the modern collectors, compilers, writers and fans responsible for bringing us these nuggets from “the 70s we never got to have” here in the USA!

Don Bolles and Noah Wallace host two different Bubbleglam Dance Parties in Los Angeles – Velvet Tinmine @ the Monty Bar, 1222 w 7th St, DTLA on first Fridays, and WIRED UP! @ Zebulon, starting on 4/20!

Noah also sings for Burger Records recording artists and Neo-Glitter band, Hammered Satin, and Don Bolles (Germs, 45 Grave, Fancy Space People, Celebrity Skin) sings and bangs on a tambourine with ARIEL PINK, nowadays.

      Kitten Sparkles' – Glitter Box (06.16.18)


The Quick – Pretty please Me
The Quick – No No Girl
Sparks – Barbecutie
The Quick – Teacher’s Pet

The Quick – Purgatory Years
The Quick – Hillary
The Quick – Rag Doll

The Quick – LIVE Every Little Bit Hurts
The 3 O’Clock – Jet Fighter
The Qucik – Every Littel Bit Hurts LIVE
Kenny – The Bump
Steven Hufsteter – Bad Girls Don’t Cry

Edwinda Biglet & The Miglets – Thing
Pantherman – You Are My Friend
Brett Smiley – Va Va Va Voom
Cardinal Point – The Grand Pretender
Kim Fowley – Control

The Quick – Breaking Point LIVE
The Move – The Lemon Tree
Jinx – I Saw Your Face
Walkers – Fire
Hazy, Hazy