John Chantler – Interview and Mix (09.07.16)

John Chantler’s music involves bringing machines to life — manipulating instruments (like the Serge modular synthesizer he uses on his new album, Which Way to Leave?) to sound like they’re breathing, or squirming, or even thinking. He does this by weaving together an understated sense of rhythm, a curious approach to harmony, and a deftness with texture — all tendencies that are reflected in his new exclusive dublab mix. Roberto Cacciapaglia sets strings against computers in a winding, pastoral maze; Can unleash tumbling waves of rhythm; Jim O’Rourke masterfully conducts a symphony of long, celestial synth tones. Before the mix, hear our conversation with Chantler, who joined us via Skype from Stockholm to discuss the inspirations behind both his new music and the hour of music he assembled here.

      John Chantler - Interview and Mix (09.07.16)


Tony Conrad — May (Table of The Elements)
Can — Tago Mago (Spoon Records)
AMM — Combine + Laminates (Pogus Productions)
Ian William Craig — A Turn of Breath (Recital)
Gastr Del Sol — The Japanese Pavillion at Lake Pagoda (Table of The Elements)
Nuno Canavarro — Plux Quba (Ama Romanta)
Roberta Settels — In Memorium (No Label/Self-Released)
Olivia Block — Karren (Sedimental)
Brunhild Ferrari — Tranquilles Impatiences (Algha Margen)
Jim O’Rourke — Pedal & Peel / Old News Vol 5 (Editions Mego/Old News)
Roberto Cacciapaglia — Sei Note in Logica (Wah Wah)
Lobi — Musiques du pays Lobi (Ocora)
Batwa Ekonda — Polyphonies Mongo (Ocora)