Joel Vandroogenbroeck (Brainticket) – live sitar shimmers & interview with Nanny Cantaloupe (09.05.11)

Brainticket could be considered by many psychedelic rock connoisseurs as one of the most cranium curdling groups to come out of Europe (or anywhere) in the early 70’s. We can thank a one Joel Vandroogenbroeck for spearheading that lysergic refraction of the times through the overdose of experimental studio trickery and open-minded improvisation with rotating band members. Never did we think we’d see Vandroogenbroeck bring a modern day line-up of Brainticket to a stage, but by sheer cosmic miracle he toured the US for the first time in August last year, playing sprawling renditions of the classic tunes. This enabled us at dublab to be blessed with an afternoon with Joel in our studios, complete with 2 live sitar micro-sets. Here he fills in all the gaps as we pick his brain about Brainticket and the social climate they existed in, the lesser-known groups he played with (Drum Circus, Barry Window and others), his venture into making electronic library music LP’s in the early 80’s, and what it’s like to finally tour the United States 40 years later.” – Nanny Cantaloupe