Jimmy Tamborello – Dying Songs (03.29.12)

dying songs

“Today we listened to new music frommmm Keepbullfighting, Dark Sky, and Human Teenager!! We heard old music from Laibach, Metro, and Robert Schröder!!! Unreleased music from Brogan Bentley and Ole Torjus!!! There were a few more guitars than usual and more voices, too. Then we got meditative at the end. I decided not to talk in the middle of the show, i think it might be better that way. hmm what else…. t=That AR Kane song is one of my favorites ever. All this and morrrrrre on DYING SONGS.” – Jimmy Tamborello



Azusa Plane – Meander – Where The Sands Turn To Gold – Rocket Girl

Keepbullfighting – Trapped In A Sand – It Never Ends – Complicated Dance Steps

EQD – B (Original Mix) – Equalized #002 – Equalized

Dark Sky – Tremor – Black Rainbows EP – Black Acre

Redshape – Seduce Me – The Dance Paradox – Delsin

Lenticular Clouds – Photonic Belt (Daytime Television remix) – Universal Geometry – Concepto Radio

Mountain Range – Evelyn(e) (Ole Torjus remix) – unreleased

Myown – Vesna – Vesna – Left_Blank

Brogan Bentley – Irishsky – unreleased

The Host – Tryptamine Sweep – The Host – Planet Mu

Frak – Beat Dyslexia – Muzika Electronic – Digitalis

Human Teenager – Mainly Adult – Animal Husbandry – Spectrum SPools

Le1f – Lil Horsea – #Seapunk Volume 1 (v/a) – Coral Records Internazionale

Metro – Straphanger – The Nu Groove Years 1988-1992 – Rush Hour

Laibach – Zmagoslavje Volje – Laibach/Last Few Days split – Galerija Skuc Izdaja

Hans-Joachim Roedelius – Fenster Im Schnee – Wasser Im Wind – Ariola

A.R. Kane – Up – Up Home! – Rough Trade

Deardarkhead – Crystallized – Oceanside: 1991-1993 – Captured Tracks

Bridget St. John – Fly High – Thank You For… – Dandelion

The Bats – Block Of Wood – Daddy’s Highway – Flying Nun

Disco Inferno – Second Language – The 5 EPs – One Little Indian

Felicia Atkinson – Entomology – Venice Is Falling – IDTN Group

Claro Intelecto – Heart – Second Blood EP – Delsin

G.H. – Albedo – Ground EP – Modern Love

Robert Schröder – Time machine – Paradise – Innovative Communication

Infinity Window – Internal Compass – Artificial Midnight – Arbor

Roll The Dice – Way Out – In Dust – the Leaf Label

If you make music and want me to play it, get in touch at soundcloud.com/dntel, preferably in a downloadable MP3 format. I’ll make sure to listen to anything that’s sent in. You can also send physical musical items to me care of…

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