Jenny NONO w/guest Amanda Siegel – SS Extension Course: Halloween Edition (10.08.18)

Prepare yourself…This show is confusing, dangerous and always jam-packed with surprises! Giving you the most random mix of Jenny NONOs favorite genres. Expect to hear a lot of cheesy 80s dark wave, synthetic pop, Cabaret-style Industrial, noise rock, happy hardcore punk, summa classic sultry male crooners and debbie downers, some tangerine dreams, a little death metal to calm the senses and so much more!

This month episode featured special guest Amanda Seigel, who will join Jenny for a Halloween theme program.

      Jenny NONO w/guest Amanda Seigel – SS Extension Course: Halloween Edition (10.08.18)


Beherit – Werewolf, Semen, Blood
Claudio Simonetti – The Evil Demon
Claudio Simonetti – Demon Reprise
Box 20th – Midnight Horror
Nosferatu – Vampires Cry
Martin Dupont – Inside Out
Alien Sex Fiend – I’m Her Frankenstein
The Cramps – Sheena’s In A Goth Gang
The 69 Eyes – Gothic Girl
Mortuary Drape – Medium Mortem
Dimmu Borgir – Blessings Upon The Throne of Tyranny (Live)
Satan’s Pilgrims – Haunted House of Rock
Larry & The Blue Notes – Night of the Phantom
Samhain – To Walk The Night
The Cure – Burn
Pentagram – Evil Seed


Jocelyn Pook- Masked Ball ( Eyes Wide Shut )
Marquee Moon- Beyond The Pale
Forgotten Tapes- Ascending
Front line Assembly- Landslide
Human Flesh- Ancient Smiles
Section 25- Hit
Sarcofago- Satanic Lust
Christopher Young- Seduction And Pursuit ( Hellraiser )
The Cure- A Strange Day
Secession- Betrayal
Exhausted Modern- 2 1/2 Minutes To Midnight
Rudimentary Peni- Dead Living
NIN- Dead Souls (The Crow )
Faith- Nightmare
Ramones- Pet Semetary
Ministry- Everyday Is Halloween ( Resurrection )
Medicine- time Baby III