Jenny NONO – SS Extension Course (09.10.18)

Prepare yourself…This show is confusing, dangerous and always jam-packed with surprises! Giving you the most random mix of Jenny NONOs favorite genres. Expect to hear a lot of cheesy 80s dark wave, synthetic pop, Cabaret-style Industrial, noise rock, happy hardcore punk, summa classic sultry male crooners and debbie downers, some tangerine dreams, a little death metal to calm the senses and so much more!

      Jenny NONO – SS Extension Course (09.10.18)


mayhem- the witching hour

borusiade- hands touch

evropa- austerita

destroyer 666- hail to destruction

secession- the magician (razormaid mix)

sam de la rosa- earth wart

mgla- presence I

mayhem- pure fucking armageddon

Danza Meccanica – the story of death boy

gamma intel- self- denial

cybermission- a veces me kiero morir

new order- touched by the hand of god

qx-1- i wont hurt you

-ewnetegna feger

mgla-presence III

detroyer 666- song for a devils son

beastie boys- sabotage

living memory- gluten

sisters of mercy- no time to cry

mgla- presence II

beherit- dawn of satan millenium

demob- no fun

wetware- phantasma

r-zac- apocalyptic heroes

bathory- war

bathory- outro