Jenny NONO – SS Extension Course (01.09.17)

Prepare yourself…This show is confusing, dangerous and always jam-packed with surprises! Giving you the most random mix of Jenny NONOs favorite genres. Expect to hear a lot of cheesy 80s dark wave, synthetic pop, Cabaret-style Industrial, noise rock, happy hardcore punk, summa classic sultry male crooners and debbie downers, some tangerine dreams, a little death metal to calm the senses and so much more!

      Jenny NONO - SS Extension Course (01.09.17)


Nightmoves- Transdance

TWINS- Stuck

Tozibabe- Ti

Candidate- Strange Girl

Car Crash Set- Heart of Stone

Dead or Alive- Far too Hard

Cabaret Voltaire- its about now

DANNO- What am i going to do for fun

Bebi Dol- Mustafa

David Bowie Break

The Cure- Just like heaven demo

The Platters- My Prayer

Morbid Angel- Chapel of Ghouls

Lemures- Dulces Hijas De La Noche

Gary Numan- Complex

CUBE- Untitled

Trevor Herion- Love Chains

Wet- Thats the game

Eleven Pond- Watching Trees

Candidate- On the Ice

Depeche Mode- Question of Lust

Boye- Kafe Na Dnu Okeana

Tozibabe- Trash

Iggy Pop- Sixteen

David Bowie- Helden

Mark Lane- the Poison for me

Felt- Crystal Ball

The Smiths- there is a light that never goes out

The Essence- A moment of trust

Nine Circles- whats there left