Jasmin Blasco – Speak My Language (02.06.17) “Very Very Far Away” Edition

“All around the world, everywhere I go, no one understands me.”

Speak My Language proposes to explore the sound of words and the music beyond it.

Every month we will feature a guest to investigate a specific world of sound through a curated playlist.
Speak My Language will be the site for the elaboration of series of Radio Fictions.
Speak My Language is also an event series. www.mandrakebar.com

“VVFA charts a journey into this unknown, an exploration through a web of entangled narratives, tales from a possible future.

VVFA uses space exploration as a lens to examine and critique the collective idealism and aspirations derived from new and emerging technological advances, and the impacts that these may have upon our future society.”



Sex Scandal Dub – Jasmin Blasco – Unfrozen Caveman Music
Snow as Fuck – Jasmin Blasco – Unfrozen Caveman Music
Scooped Mids – Jasmin Blasco – Unfrozen Caveman Music
Sludge Drift – Jasmin Blasco – Unfrozen Caveman Music
Harold Budd – the Serpent In Quicksilver

G-Funk House – Jasmin Blasco – Unfrozen Caveman Muktuk
Drøne – A Perfect Blind – Excerpt – Pomperossa Records.
UnicaZurn – Pale Salt Seam – touch
Hogg – Solar Phallic Lion
Delia Derbishire – Dreams
Jac Berocal – Antigravity