James Lauer – guest session (07.10.18)

A very special guest session hosted by James Lauer! James is forever inspired by the soul, funk and groove of early Chicago house music as well as more experimental music and the foundations of techno being explored in neighboring Detroit.

Find James on soundcloudtwitter, and facebook.

      James Lauer - guest session (07.10.18)


STL  – The Untold Stories Protagonist Series – Sunny Park Chill  [ Untold Records ]

STL – Syntax Error [Synthetic Gold)

Kettenkarussell – Gate [ Insecurity Guard LP ]

Sebastien Mulleart –  Every Moment, I am     All The Keys are here EP [Apollo]

Deepchord – Campfire EP – Perfumes of a Spring Mix [Soma]


Grandriver – All Playing in Janna Crescente EP [Spazio D ]

Mystic Tribe A.I. – Telepathic Seduction [Aqualung]

Bulkhead – In Voice 1 / Lunch Truck EP  [2MR]

Benedikt Frey – SLESID / Tamed Monsters EP  [ Pandora 001]

Chic Miniature – Suki Ni – Ficcion Future LP  [Crosstown Rebels]

Garret David – Octagon Blues EP [Distant Hawaii]


Huerco S – Verdigris Reader [PRB006]

Innerspace Halflife aka Hakim Murphhy and Ike Release – Starfields (Astral Traveling LP]  [Synapsis 001]

ROMANS – Aquila [Bunker NY]

Steve O’ Sullivan & Mike Schoermer – Depth Charge Dub (deepchord’s negative-space exploration version) [Mosaic]

Lee Burton – NDN [Dis Dat]

Reggie Dokes – Feel Me [Psychostasia]

The Loose Control Band – bent [golf channel]


Heinrk Berhquist [Aniara Recordings]