Induce w/guest Lumin – Dancing, Thinking Loving, Listening (12.21.17)


It all started with these words from Induce, “Bout to get on and play some weird stuff @dublab till about 4. Tune in!” Then the lightning split the sky and all the sounds from the dublab studio on this oblate spheroid called Planet Earth were pulled into the cosmos in a single beam of high lumen energy. From this newly elevated point they hit the universal prism of memory reflection and were split throughout the wide universe. We’re happy you got your radio attuned to Induce’s transmission. Whether you’re hearing this 2 billion years from now or simply right now we know you’ll enjoy the “weird stuff” being offered.

      Induce w/guest Lumin - Dancing, Thinking, Loving, Listening (12.21.17)



1. KLF – 3AM Eternal
2. Sa-Ra – Hollywood
3. Omar – Come On
4. Sampha – Blood On Me
5. Nine Yards – Always Find A Way (Jay Dee Remix)
6. Mel’isa Morgan – Fool’s Paradise


7. James Blake – Timeless remix ft Vince Staples
8. Arnold Blair – Trying To Get Next To You
9. Willie Hutch – Out There
10. Blu – Cut The Check ft Roc Marciano Quelle Chris
11. Zulu Zuluu – Fades
12. Illa J – Strippers
13. Blair – Nightlife
14. Jarreau Vandal – Kombucha Burps
15. Lovebirds – Icarus ft. Galliano (Moods Remix)
16. BadBadNotGood – Lavender
17. Kelela – Truth Or Dare
18. Renee Geyer Band – Be There In The Morning (76’ Version)
19. Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)