Greg Belson – The Divine Chord Gospel Show (12.22.11)

A series of monthly radio shows hosted by Greg Belson on, dedicated to gospel soul, funk and spirituals from the 1960’s thru to the 1980’s.

The Divine Chord Gospel Show branches out into gospel influenced cuts and artists that crossed over to performing secular cuts too; so plenty of rarities all played from original vinyl, either on 45 or LP format. The Divine Chord Gospel Show Facebook Page



The King James Version, King Solomon & Moses ‘He’s coming’ (Soul Kitchen)
The Cleveland Golden Echoes ‘I used to live on broadway’ (Bounty)
Elder William Smith ‘His voice’ (Psalms)
Leroy Clofer and Company ‘Mr big man “what you gonna do’ (Rosemont)
The Piney Grove Singers of Milledgeville, Georgia ‘Jesus is the one’ (Champ)
Holy Ghost Temple C.O.G.I.C. Youth Inspirational Choir ‘What is it’ (Century)


The Singing Evangelist John Kessee ‘Lord is soon to come’ (Sweet Home Sounds)
The Revelators ‘Thank you Jesus’ (Revelation)
Capitol Driffters ‘I’m so glad’ (Mozel)
Fabulous LB’s ‘I need Jesus to walk with me’ (L.B.)
Profit and Logan Gospel Singers ‘On fire for Jesus’ (Geodol)
Mamie Sample ‘This may be my last singing’ (Booker)
The Goslel Ensembles ‘What you need’ (Bounty)


Rahni Harris & Family Love ‘He’s my friend’ (Emprise)
Touch ‘Let him have his way’ (Saint Mark Productions)
Lucy (Sister Soul) Rodgers ‘Pray a little longer’ (One-Way)
Spiritual Four ‘If you think your god is dead’ (Sendus)
Howard Sisters & Co. ‘Always’ (Power Pack)
The MIghty Clouds of Joy ‘Time’ (ABC Dunhill)
Gospel Harmatones ‘Last one in the church house’ (Essay)
The Gospel Soul Revivals ‘If Jesus came today’ (Sonic)
Preacher & the Saints ‘The mailman cometh’ (King James)