Greg Belson – The Divine Chord Gospel Show (04.26.12)

A series of monthly radio shows hosted by Greg Belson on, dedicated to gospel soul, funk and spirituals from the 1960’s thru to the 1980’s.

The Divine Chord Gospel Show branches out into gospel influenced cuts and artists that crossed over to performing secular cuts too; so plenty of rarities all played from original vinyl, either on 45 or LP format. The Divine Chord Gospel Show Facebook Page



Cassietta George ‘Let’s get together’ (Audio Arts!)
Chicago Travelers ‘Been trying’ (One-Way)
Mildred Hollins ‘Out of place’ (Dove Song)
Southern Sons ‘I need the Lord’ (Praise)
The Gospel All Stars ‘Lonely journey’ (Fami)
The Kingdom Seekers ‘Oh Jehovah’ (Goodie Train)
The Northland Gospel Singers ‘You ought to know Jesus’ (Special Edition)


Harris Bros. ‘Prayer’ (Harris Bros.)
National Travelers ‘One more time’ (NTR)
The Sensational Bethleham Spirituals ‘Jesus you been good to me’ (Abaros)
The Fantastic Sons of David of Charlotte, North Carolina ‘Take me the way that I am’ (Pinewood)
The Silverstars ‘I’ve come to far to turn back now’ (Silver)
The Flying Eagles ‘Jesus is a soul man’ (Academy International)


The Sensational Gospel Tones ‘Children! Where’s your light’ (Memorial)
The Fantastic Angels ‘Jesus he cares’ (Cozzette)
Willie Burley & the Cousins ‘Don’t let the devil fool you’ (Landmark)
The Weeks Sisters ‘I’m going away’ (HSE)
The Triumphs ‘I won’t compromise’ (Random Productions)
Little Vicki & the Gospel Stars ‘Searching’ (Hob is Gospel)
The Stovall Sisters ‘Hang on in there’ (Reprise)