DJ Funnel, Kaiho, ARAbe, Shokuhinmatsuri, Dirty Dirt, D/P/I – “Radio Collective” live from Malmö Tokyo (2.4.15)

DJ Funnel

In the first half of #90, DJ Funnel presented “LIFE IS A JOURNEY” vol.7 session. He tuned only tracks from the famous indie label “Ghostly International”, also known as its ghostly logo mark, and got much attention by coming to Japan of Tycho and Christopher Willits. In the last half was entitled “D/P/I Japan Tour 2015”, Kaiho from melting bot, ARAbe, Shokuhinmatsuri, and Dirty Dirt talked about the tour. Then D/P/I a.k.a. Alex Gray jointed them and enjoyed the talk session with them. Radio Collective #90 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (2.4.15)


Every Wednesday the team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for “Radio Collective”. If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 9pm Tokyo time / 4am Los Angeles time. Radio Collective #90 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (2.4.15)

DJ Funnel : LIFE IS A JOURNEY Vol.7 “Ghostly International DJ Mix”

Track List:

1. Christopher Willits / Connect (Ghostly International)
2. Lackluster / Easy Does It (Ghostly International)
3. Dabrye / Nite Eats Day feat. Beans (Money Mix) (Ghostly International)
4. Tycho / Send And Receive (Chachi Jones Remix) (Ghostly International)
5. Michna / She Exists In My Mind (Original Mix) (Ghostly International)
6. Jeremiah Jae, Lord RAJA / Van Go (feat. Jeremiah Jae) (Original Mix) (Ghostly International)
7. Deru / Straight Speak (Original Mix) (Ghostly International)
8. Lusine / Stratus (Ghostly International)
9. Kiln / Acre (Original Mix) (Ghostly International)
10. Dabrye / Game Over (Flying Lotus remix) (Ghostly International)
11. Shigeto / Children At Midnight (Beautiful Bells Grade School Remix)(Ghostly International)
12. Tycho / Epigram(Ghostly International)
13. Lusine / Panoramic (Lusine Remix)(Ghostly International)
14. Com Truise / 84′ Dreamin (Original Mix)(Ghostly International)
15. Lusine / Still Frame (Lusine Remix)(Ghostly International)
16. Shigeto / So So Lovely (Original Mix)(Ghostly International)
17. Mux Mool / Morning Strut (Shigeto Remix)(Ghostly International)
18. Dabrye / Air feat. Doom (Remix)(Ghostly International)
19. Lusine / Auto Pilot (Deru Remix)(Ghostly International)
20. Recondite / Grove (Bonus Track) (Original Mix)(Ghostly International)
21. Kate Simko / The Creative Part (Epilogue)(Ghostly International)
22. Gold Panda / You(Ghostly International)
23. Tycho / AWAKE(Ametsub Remix)(Ghostly International)
24. Dabrye / Hyped-Up Plus Tax (Outputmessage Remix)(Ghostly International)
25. Lusine / Arterial (Original Mix)(Ghostly International)
26. Com Truise / Karove (Digital Bonus)(Ghostly International)
27. Warm Ghost / I Will Return (Bonus Track) (Heathered Pearls’ Coasting In Circles Remix)(Ghostly International)
28. Telefon Tel Aviv, Richard Devine / CWCIII (Original Mix)(Ghostly International)
29. Christopher Willits / Clear(Ghostly International)

“D/P/I Japan Tour 2015”


by D/P/I ”MN.ROY” (melting bot / Leaving Records)

1. 001
2. 02 – B.I.D
3. _3 A PRAY ER
4. 004
5. 05 – C.M.S. (Sunshine)
6. 006 . Wh en
7. _ DMM
8. 008
9. 09 – L.M. (Switch)


1. Genesis Hull / Verga (melting bot / Duppy Gun)
2. D/P/I / Cloud S (

Dirty Dirt:

1. D/P/I / ICO (Leaving Records/melting bot)


1. Heat Wave / Echo (Deep Tapes)


1. Genesis Hull / RUN OUT PON DEM (G Sudden) (Alternate Refix) (ZONA TAPES)

talk session

group photo