Frosty w/guests Teeth Agency – Celsius Drop (07.12.18)

Here it is, highly honed and happening for YOU. On his weekly Celsius Drop show, dublab co-founder Frosty guides you through an exploration of the vast Future Roots music spectrum. Tune-in to grasp your destiny.

This week Teeth Agency chomped it up in second half of Celsius Drop. Teeth Agency is a collaboration between London producer Jesse Hackett and Chicago artist Mariano Chavez. Their private art collections and shared taste in macabre and striking artifacts became the foundation for this new​ project. They have referred to their first work ‘Outhouse’ as a Music-Book-Art-Object and now this concept is expanding in to a limited edition series with Teeth Agency slated to release four limited edition Music-Book-Art-Objects this year with further surprises in store. Enjoy this big bite of inspiration!

      Frosty w/guests Teeth Agency – Celsius Drop (07.12.18)



Lori Scacco – Strange Cities
Doug Snyder – The Conversation
Christian S – Chevy Bounce
Grand Veymont – Les rapides bleus
Sparks – I Married Myself
Carl Stone – Sonali
Sugai Ken – Awai ni
Sun Araw – Gabbiano
Foodman – Pokopoko4
Ben Lawless – The Imperial Bounce Travel Kit
Happy Rhodes – If Love Is A Game, I Win
The Nu Sounds with Sun Ra – Honeysuckle Rose
East Of Underground – East of Java


Many people of the song bird : unreleased
Ennanga vision demo : unreleased .
Essembi : ennanga vision . soundway records
Ennanga vision demo : unreleased .
Umbongo congo beat . ( colorado rock ) unreleased
Do you like bunnies . Teeth agency . unreleased
Sax medical exam . unreleased
Jaja ( grandmother ) . ennanga vision . soundway records
Endongo moods . ennanga vision . soundway records
jess esk games . ANON . unreleased demo
johhny mermaid . ANON . unrealsed demo

all music by jesse hackett / teeth agendo cy / + friends