Frosty w/ guests Producciones con Sal – Celsius Drop: Panama in 45’s special (04.27.17)


This week on Celsius Drop, your host Frosty is joined by special guests É Arenas & Lorena E. (Producciones con Sal) for an adventurous session called Exploring the Heart of its Soul: Panama in 45’s.

Discos Tamayo, Istmeños, Taboga, Padisco, and Loyola Records… all Panamanian record labels that put out the best music its people had to offer in the late 60’s. Now these labels are far gone and 45s are the last remaining evidence of a once booming culture. Today, most of Panama City’s music stores only sell international cds, dvds or blu rays. The hunt for unbroken and playable 45s has been difficult but our persistence has taken us on a journey.

      Frosty w/ guests Producciones con Sal – Celsius Drop: Panama in 45's special (04.27.17)


Set #1 is mostly combos nacionales, the musical movement that took over the Caribbean coast of Panama from the 60’s to the 80’s.

Los Mozambiques -Noche de Carnaval
Los Silvertones -Bomba Navideña
Los Excelentes -Rosaura
The Persuaders -Corre Camino
Los Juveniles -Solamente Mia
Los Beachers de Bocas del Toro -Sufrir
The Persuaders -Black Power
Los Mozambiques -Mi Corazon es un Gitano
The Soul Fantastics -Si Las Flores Pudieran Hablar
Doris Elizabeth and the Persuaders -El Cristal del Cielo
Los Beachers de Bocas del Toro -Mosaico Calypso

Set #2 starts with some musica típica from the interior of Panama and then goes back to the coast with more combos nacionales. The set ends back in the interior with a Murga – a street orchestra that is popular during Carnavales.

Osvaldo Ayala (canta Dorindo Cárdenas) -El Pajarillo
Osvaldo Ayala -Dime Por Qué
Catalina Carrasco y el Conjunto Viva Panamá -Donde Estará Mi Amor
Osvaldo Ayala -Paloma Titibu
Los Mozambiques -El Niño y el Perro
Los Persuaders -Many Nights
Los Juveniles -Panameño Soy
Los Beachers -La Crítica
Mannny Quiños y Los Dynamicos del Ritmo -Tu Rostro
Los Mozambiques -Noches de cumbia
Gladys de Lastra -Panamá Soberana

Set #3 is for all Panamanians that love to dance. Not all of the music is from Panama but it is from our 45rpm record collection that we found there.

Alfredo Linares -Linares Boogui
Johnny Ventura -El Guataco
Unknown -Girls Confused
Unknown -Unknown
Ulpiano Y Lucho -Ingratitudes
Joe Arroyo -Yamulemau
La Organización Secreta -El Motor

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Pconsal - Panama 45s Cover