Frosty w/ cuddle formation – Celsius Drop (02.02.17)

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Here it is, highly honed and happening for YOU. On his weekly “Celsius Drop” show, dublab co-founder Frosty guides you through an exploration of the vast Future Roots music spectrum. Tune-in to grasp your destiny.

This week Frosty welcomed cuddle formation onto the show in the 11am hour to shine light…assembled in fragments over the course of three years, cuddle formation’s here i’ll be forever is a message of comradeship and solidarity to tender (and angry) humans worldwide: we can exist and thrive apart from our toxic dominant culture. we can develop and nurture communities founded on empathy, accountability, and abolition. in our everyday actions we can practice the foundation for something truly transformative, a place that is for everyone who is willing to work together to make a meaningful difference. noah klein is joining us to share the stories that weave the album together and inspirations from around the world.

      Frosty w/ cuddle formation - Celsius Drop (02.02.17)


Frosty’s Set:

The Alps – A Manhã Na Praia

East New York Ensemble de Music – Little Sunflower

Makaya McCraven – Butterscotch

Gil Scott-Heron – Don’t Give Up

Karin Krog – Maiden Voyage

Helado Negro – Relatives

Schaus – Slush

Celebration – In This Land

Fellini – Zum Zum Zazoeria

Life Without Buildings – New Town


Cuddle Formation set:

:: rest in pwr stems
~ jordan lee’s piano recording
~ choir of friends
~ ana caravelle’s harp recording
:: rest in pwr

:: for ppl who make music instead of dreaming at night stems
~ sliced vocals
~ solo’d glockenspiel
~ jean cousin humming
:: for ppl who make music instead of dreaming at night

:: instrinsic radiance

:: voice memos
~ islamic prayer as protest in berlin
~ bells at the anne frank house, middle of the night, in amsterdam
~ poetry reading over mike playing guitar at casa raphael baldaya in lisbon
~ jake learning how to play skipping stones for the first time, at silent barn
~ meeting a magician on the streets of rotterdam

:: sarasota

thank *you* !