Frosty w/ Anna Homler & Jorge Martin (live) – Celsius Drop


This auspicious episode of Celsius Drop opens with a mix by your host Breadwoman) and Jorge Martin. The two artists revved up a huge array of modular synthesizers, vibrators, fx pedals, packing tape and more to woo you into the outer-sphere. Anna made this and extra meta-magic broadcast by reading the Radio text written by Luis Quintanilla del Valle under his pseudonym Kyn Taniya.

      Frosty w/ Anna Homler & Jorge Martin (live) - Celsius Drop



Song / Artist

La Maison Des 5 Éléments / Dominique Lawalree

Wishes / Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom

Μιραμπίλλια (Mirabillia) / Lena Platonos 

Gu She’ Na’ Di / Anna Homler and Steve Moshier

Sitar / Various Artists (Bali High ost) 

Free Love Messes Up My Life / Bongwater 

Nervous / Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas

Time / Sudan Archives 

Track 1 (One of the tracks) / Al Balbil + Ali Mousili 

Opal Toad Segment / Dan Deacon

Raga Riley / An Bene and Pierre Lambow 

Celadon / Stillife 

Tatopani / Zann 


About the artists:

ANNA HOMLER is a vocal, visual and performance artist based in Los Angeles. She has performed and exhibited her working venues around the world. With a sensibility that is both ancient and post-modern, Homler sings in an improvised melodic language. Her work explores alternative means of communication and the poetics of ordinary things. She creates perceptual interventions by using language as music and objects as instruments.

Since 1982 she has collaborated in America with composer/musicians Steve Moshier (Breadwoman & Other Tales), David Moss, Ethan James, Steve Roden, and Steve Peters; and in Europe, with the Voices of Kwahn, Steve Beresford, Peter Kowald, Frank Schulte, Richard Sanderson, Geert Waegeman, and Sylvia Hallett, among others.

HOMLER has performed at well-known venues throughout the United States and Europe, including appearances at P.S. 122, the Kitchen, Dixon Place, and The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church in New York; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.); Supraclub in Prague; Klarinsky in Bratislava, Slovakia; Ketty Dó in Bologna, Italy; the Stadgarten and the Loft in Köln, Germany; and the Melkweg and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Additionally she has participated in numerous international music festivals in the United States, Canada, and Europe, including Musique Actuelle in Victoriaville, Quebec.

By day, JORGE MARTIN is a mild mannered medical researcher but, at night, he transforms into a well respected sound artist. Though classically trained on piano and clarinet, he is more often heard constructing intricate music by processing the output from his modular analog synthesizer panels through a myriad of guitar effect pedals. Until a few years ago he was one half of the acclaimed duo Spastic Colon.