Frosty – Celsius Drop: Environments (05.04.17)


I am a longtime fan of the iconic Environments album series produced by Syntonic Research. These records exclaim, in roars and whispers, “We are forces of nature!” They present environmental sounds in enhanced, magnified forms that have lasting power. The Environments series was the brainchild of iconoclast field recordist, designer and marketing wiz Irv Teibel. Inside out, these records are highly tailored windows into our supernatural world and extremely useful ones at that. Whether used for background ambience, sonic seasoning, meditation tools or sample fodder, the Environments albums have always proved highly powerful. I am thrilled to offer you this live sound collage of my favorite Environments selections layered with liberal splashes of FX. Enjoy! – Frosty

      Celsius Drop: Environments Special


frosty_environments copy