Friedman & Liebezeit – 240-11


Have you ever happened upon a perfect combination? It’s actually quite a rare thing. Sometimes we think we’ve found one, then we begin to see fissures and imbalance. There are however rare moments when two forces come together to form a magic entity. Within this balanced whole there can exist a constant, organic flux and flow. This is the collaborative energy that seems to be at play in the musical partnership of Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman. The two have once again joined creative spirits to bring the world a new album called Secret Rhythms 5, which continues their ongoing series of releases through Nonplace. The press release states, “Central to the secret rhythms concept is Liebezeit’s radical drum code in unison with Friedman’s range of archaic metal percussion and synth instruments.” These are like magic words to music fans who love the output of these two musical adventurers. We now offer you a glimpse from the latest chapter of their sublime collaboration and urge you to pick up the whole record by clicking here.