Michael Robinson – guest session

Wednesday, August 29 2018
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Here is what seven notable women said about composer/performer Michael Robinson. Men enjoy his music, too. Robinson will present selections from his two 2018 Azure Miles Records releases, Mango-Bird and Nectar-Spells.

“Making use of alternative tunings, and blending tradition and technology, Robinson is able to transcend cultural and spiritual boundaries.” – Amanda MacBlane

“Something very sincere and breathtaking is owned by you.” – Diamanda Galas

“Amazing music.” – Halimah Collingwood

“I admire artists like yourself who find new connections and deeper meaning.” – Judy Mitoma

“You have been blessed with genius.” – Kitty Pilgrim

“Thank you for the notes and the music, with its shimmering version of the music of the spheres. Your intriguing set of instruments suggests that you are doing something quite new in American music.” – Helen Vendler

“He’s broken the mould.” – Bonnie MacLean

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