DUBLAB 16th Anniversary at The Music Center: Sleepless (Part 2)

Friday, November 6 2015
11:00 PM - 03:00 AM


Bedtime can wait. Stay up and immerse yourself in this late night series that transforms the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion sonically and visually through DJ sets, live performances, projections, broadcasts and sound installations.

Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours is presented by The Music Center in collaboration with DUBLAB for their 16th anniversary.



Presented in collaboration with KCHUNG, DJs will be spinning sets in the Music Center Plaza celebrating the history of Jazz in Los Angeles. Enjoy the music live in the Plaza or hear it broadcast on KCHUNG’s low-powered FM signal from your car on your way to and from the venue. These sets will be broadcast live on dublab as well, so there’s still something to enjoy if you can’t make it out to Sleepless!

Artist Lineup
DJ Sacred and DJ Al Jackson
Victoria O’Hanlon
Jeffery Plansker
Greg Belson
Mark Maxwell
Jeff Parker (Tortoise)


This installation will consist of multiple reel-to-reel tape machines, each playing one pre-recorded, fairly long, magnetic tape loop. Each loop will be a different length and contain sounds created specifically to interact with one another in the DCP lower lobby for the duration of the event. This interaction will be the live, chance element as at no point in the evening will the exact same variation/combination ever repeat, much in the spirit of Brian Eno’s Music For Airports concept. It’s likely this will be the ideal sonic environment to wade in before and after expelling bodily waste in the adjoining lavish powder rooms. Tape loops created by Nanny Cantaloupe and Tom Recchion

Artist Lineup
Nanny Cantaloupe
Tom Recchion


This stage will present a burgeoning lineup of Los Angeles based artists all working with the push and pull dynamics of both experimental composition and improvisation. All performers are adept at using both electronic and acoustic sound sources and view the barrier between the two worlds as non-existent, seamlessly touching on the diverse arenas of electronics, jazz, noise and ambient.

Artist Lineup
1130-12 Jon-Kyle Mohr
12-1245 INGA (Sam Gendel)
1245-130 $3.33
130-215 Maria Minerva
215-3 Nick Malkin


This stage will be partly inspired by the dublab annual ambient happening, Tonalism, and our love for electronic music of all genres and eras. DJs and musicians will perform through a six-speaker surround sound system on the the 2nd floor lobby, below the room’s massive chandeliers. Expect a space transformed for an immersive experience where attendees are encouraged to either dance or lay down and listen to the electronic pulses, beats, drones and textures from a wide range of styles.

Artist Lineup
11.30pm – 12:10am: William Basinski
12.10am – 12.40am: Pinkcourtesyphone
12.40am – 1.10am: Dntel
1.10am – 1.50am: Locust (R&S)
1.50am – 2.20am: Peak Oil
2.20am – 3.00am: Matthewdavid and Anenon


The Founder’s room has never experienced something so lavish and sophisticated as this dance party. DUBLAB DJs and special guests will take you to a period of time where disco blended with house, curated cocktails mixed with Balearic rhythms, and the crowd moved and celebrated together on the dance floor. This private room will be open for your delight and enjoyment, and is sure to be a unique treat for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Artist Lineup
Suzanne Kraft
Heidi Lawden
Daniel T
Parker Harris


Inspired the work of Wendy Carlos and James Turrell alike, the corridor connecting the Grand Hall and the Founder’s Room will serve as a transition stage with pre-recorded set and live performances.

Artist Lineup
11.30pm – 1:00am: Gifted & Blessed (live & DJ set)
1:00am – 2:00am: Vas Deferens Organization (Mutant Sounds) pre-recorded mix
2:00am – 3.30am: Heather McIntosh


Visitors will be able to dial in from the cell phone booths located on the 3rd floor and connect directly to live performances by the experimental group The Tenses and/or get relationship advice from musician Nedelle Torrisi.

The Tenses could be described as a “chamber music” version of Smegma , they attempt to collaborate “In the Moment” and are greatly influenced by the Room/Audience Vibe. Since 2008 The Tenses are: Oblivia, Ju Suk Reet Meate. (of Smegma)

Nedelle Torrisi is a musician and relationship advice columnist for Advice From Paradise. Visit www.advicefromparadise.com, or call 747-2-ASK-NED to ask anything anonymously.


An Evening Of Ambient/Electro Music Curated By Daniel Lanois with Special Guest Rocco Deluca with Visuals By Adam CK Vollick

The changing of the leaves brings the Prince of ambience to the Dub Lab penthouse. Daniel Lanois flanked by the very talented Rocco Deluca and the alchemist Adam CK Vollick will provide the night with Celestial waves of STEEL guitar. Rumor has it that Lanois and his crew have found the resonant frequency of LOVE. Come to the penthouse floor of the Dorothy Chandler building for a full ambient electro visual experience ….Drugs not included!

Los Angeles Sounds & Scents

The Institute For Art and Olfaction will present a collection of scents that will capture the essence of three classic and contemporary Los Angeles albums. Scents inspired by Ariel Pink’s “Pom Pom”, Dam Funk’s “Invite the Light” and Flying Lotus “Cosmogramma” will be created to connect the senses and add another dimension to your listening experience. The Institute for Art and Olfaction is a non-profit organization devoted to access, education and experimentation with scent.

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
135 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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