dublab presents… Into Focus: Adda Kaleh – Midnight Yoga

We first connected with Adda Kaleh at Red Bull Music Academy NYC 2014, where she was a participant. We thank our lucky stars for that meeting because she is continuously blowing our minds with her inspired music and art. She graciously offered her audio and visual talents to aid in dublab’s Spring 2014 Proton Drive fundraising efforts. Her contribution to our original fundraiser collection, dublab presents…INTO FOCUS: a dublab meditation compilation is pure beauty set to guide you into elevated states through sound. You are invited now to click play on Midnight Yoga and float a path to heightened calm, clarity, and concentration. Ommmmmmmm.

The Into Focus digital fundraiser compilation features 23 other original compositions from some of our favorite music makers in the world. Get your hands on this transcendent collection crafted to enhance the meditative mindstate by donating now.

into_focus_7_final copy_smaller

01. Anna Oxygen – Count Down Meditation
02. Carlos Niño – Awhirl
03. Dexter Story – Unification
04. Mason Lindahl – Moon Over Ideath
05. Suneye – Pyramid Vortex
06. Kim Free – Kiss The Stars
07. Nina Sarnelle – You Can Handle
08. Peter Walker/Sharmagne Leland St. John – Bahia Banderas
09. UFO2012 – Take Me 2 The Moon Part 1
10. Adda Kaleh – Midnight Yoga
11. OK Ikumi – Mtn Shadows
12. Storms – Neixer Morir
13. Quanta – Some Valleys
14. Diva – Shadow of Yialmel
15. Giorgio Magnannesi – Lo Spazio Del Respiro
16. Erock – Psyquest
17. Esgar – Loki
18. Bre’r – Failed Side
19. Aria Rostami – Yellowknife Bay
20. Hanno Leichtmann – Schwindeligkeit II
21. Fake Estates – Amitåhba
22. Fol Chen – Cicada
23. Moonstarr – The Journey
24. Sun An – Rest Easy