Dirty Dave & Daddy Differently – Things of Life (08.04.17)

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It’s the simple things isn’t it? The little things of life. Good food, sunshine, no traffic, dark coffee, 72˚ breeze, telephone off the hook and music every Friday morning a la Dirty Dave and Daddy Differently.

      Daddy Differently & Dirty Dave – Things of Life (08.04.17)


calling you – javetta steele
winter winds and chill – larry heard
express point – matthew hayes
xxxx – icube
glen innes – matthew hayes
forever – christof spendel group
sweet salt – sj tequilla
last tram (4am) – albrecht la’brooy
point roadknight – udmo
banksia – sleep d & albrecht la’brooy
empress wu hu (oe remix) – lusty zanzibar
spectrum – dionigi
arabs – poets of the machine
dreaming about bebu – jacy
hand in hand – erell ranson
pope’s eye – udmo
sunset orange – maricopa
sabbia magica – hear & now
whatever happened to radio valve road? – m+m
via las journey – cantoma
astral – baldelli
take a walk in the sun – moral fibro