Devendra Banhart & Josiah Steinbrick – Sportsmen (02.16.15)


Devendra Banhart is a singer, songwriter, performer, and visual artist. Josiah Steinbrick is a producer, composer, performer, and session musician.

The duo provide a gentle journey through a landscape speckled with fragrant melodies and rhythmic delights. Diverse grounds will be covered – from Library Music to Modal Tones and Avant Pop to Minimalist Composition. We invite you now to pluck these flowers of exotic, sonic magnetism and breathe deeply ever inward.

      Devendra & Josiah - Sportsmen (02.16.15)


Palmbomen II – Leo Danzinger
Daniel Emmanuel – Song of the Whale
Mal Waldron – All Alone
Os Gambuzinos – Kalumba
Jan Hammer – Don’t You Know
Solid Space – The Guests
The George School – Persephone’s Song
Dorothy – Softness
(painfully uncomfortable chatter)
Marina Rosenfeld – Arm Dormant
Holger Hiller – Das Feuer
Fern Kinney – Groove Me
Jan Bang – Interlude (Night Creatures)
Fats Waller – Lenox Avenue Blues
Emmanuel Brun – Mon Ami Le Vent
Bola Sete – Rain Forest
Billy May & his Orchestra – Snowfall
Thai Elephant Orchestra – Birth of Ganesha
Fred Frith – Water Music 1
Bwengo – Première Mosrel
(relatively awkward chatter)
Unknown Artist – The People In Taiwan Long For Liberation
Raj Rathor – Dance of the Black Panther
Basil Kirchin – Exotic Butterfly
Harry Forbes – Computer Science
Gilberto Gil – Procissao (Early Version)
Camille Sauvage – Poupees Mecaniques
Zanagoria – Jazz Modulation
Taiwanese Children’s Record
Mariah – 心臓の扉
Arthur Russell – Instrumentals 2 (part 1)
(seemingly natural and loose chatter…very confident. all smiles. on the road to professionalism)
William Truckaway – Breakaway
Harold Budd, Daniel Lentz & Jessica Karraker – Fall of The Evening Star
Harumi – Fire By The River
Julia Holter – This is a True Heart
Gina X Performance – Vendor’s Box
Country Comfort – Waimanalo Blues
Enno Velthuys – To Dance With You
Bob Irwin & The Pluto Walkers – The Throwaway Age
E.T. Mensah of Ghana – Munsuro