Devendra Banhart & Josiah Steinbrick – Sportsmen (02.16.15)


Devendra Banhart is a singer, songwriter, performer, and visual artist. Josiah Steinbrick is a producer, composer, performer, and session musician.

The duo provide a gentle journey through a landscape speckled with fragrant melodies and rhythmic delights. Diverse grounds will be covered – from Library Music to Modal Tones and Avant Pop to Minimalist Composition. We invite you now to pluck these flowers of exotic, sonic magnetism and breathe deeply ever inward.



Palmbomen II – Leo Danzinger
Daniel Emmanuel – Song of the Whale
Mal Waldron – All Alone
Os Gambuzinos – Kalumba
Jan Hammer – Don’t You Know
Solid Space – The Guests
The George School – Persephone’s Song
Dorothy – Softness
(painfully uncomfortable chatter)
Marina Rosenfeld – Arm Dormant
Holger Hiller – Das Feuer
Fern Kinney – Groove Me
Jan Bang – Interlude (Night Creatures)
Fats Waller – Lenox Avenue Blues
Emmanuel Brun – Mon Ami Le Vent
Bola Sete – Rain Forest
Billy May & his Orchestra – Snowfall
Thai Elephant Orchestra – Birth of Ganesha
Fred Frith – Water Music 1
Bwengo – Première Mosrel
(relatively awkward chatter)
Unknown Artist – The People In Taiwan Long For Liberation
Raj Rathor – Dance of the Black Panther
Basil Kirchin – Exotic Butterfly
Harry Forbes – Computer Science
Gilberto Gil – Procissao (Early Version)
Camille Sauvage – Poupees Mecaniques
Zanagoria – Jazz Modulation
Taiwanese Children’s Record
Mariah – 心臓の扉
Arthur Russell – Instrumentals 2 (part 1)
(seemingly natural and loose chatter…very confident. all smiles. on the road to professionalism)
William Truckaway – Breakaway
Harold Budd, Daniel Lentz & Jessica Karraker – Fall of The Evening Star
Harumi – Fire By The River
Julia Holter – This is a True Heart
Gina X Performance – Vendor’s Box
Country Comfort – Waimanalo Blues
Enno Velthuys – To Dance With You
Bob Irwin & The Pluto Walkers – The Throwaway Age
E.T. Mensah of Ghana – Munsuro