Derelict w/guest Zachary Mastoon (Caural/Boy King Islands) – Damage Control (06.15.17)

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Derelict is the cicada of his dublab peers, burrowing out every few years, to lay songs in your ears. Some of the songs are exceedingly long, whilst some others will be played at speeds that are all wrong. Some will say “Too much techno!” or “Jungle is dead!”; but the patient will know a segue to AfroKrautJazzChillout is just ahead. Enjoy the occasional guest spot in between trainwrecks or fugues, and we hope you enjoy listening through your phonograph tube. – Derelict

This month Derelict was joined by Zachary Mastoon (Caural/Boy King Islands). He played a shoegaze/post-punk/new wave/ambient vinyl set.

      Derelict w/guest Zachary Mastoon - Damage Control (06.15.17)


Caural – I Won’t Race You – Dublab Presents In The Loop Vol. 1 – Plug Research
T. Power – Purple Sunshine Blotter – Waveform – SOUR

Guest DJ Mix: Zachary Mastoon (Caural/Boy King Islands)

Drab Majesty – Hath No Form – The Demonstration – Dais Records
Liars – The Exact Color of Doubt – Wixiw – Mute
Lotus Plaza – These Years – The Floodlight Collective – Kranky
Benoit Pioulard – The Guilded Fear That Guides The Flow – Sonnet – Kranky
Pale Saints – A Deep Sleep for Steven – The Comforts of Madness – 4AD
Belong – Perfect Life – Common Era – Kranky
Be Forest – Thrill – Cold – Bloodrock Records/We Were Never Boring
Ride – Seagull – Nowhere – Creation
Diiv (as “Dive”) – Sometime – Sometime/Corvalis 7” – Captured Tracks
Cleaners from Venus – Julie Profumo – Songs For A Fallow Land – Captured Tracks (Reissue)
Nitefields – You I Never Knew – Depersonalization – Felte
Boy King Islands – I Talk To The Wind – Fall – Eat Concrete/Plustapes
Ford & Lopatin featuring Tamaryn – Flying Dream – Snakes/Flying Dream 12” – Mexican Summer
Cheatahs – Kenworth – Cheatahs – Wichita
Slowdive – Changes – Pygmalion Demos – Creation
Broadcast – Man Is Not A Bird – Haha Sound – Warp
Gauntlet Hair – Lights Out – Gauntlet Hair – Dead Oceans
Pailhead – I Will Refuse – I Will Refuse 12” – Wax Trax